It's that time ~ booking your senior portraits. Chances are that this will be the biggest investment you make in photography until you hear wedding bells (muuuuuch later in life). The session fee for The Experience is $225. There is a $100 retainer fee that will save a date for you and gets applied to the session fee. You're paying for an EXPERIENCE ~ not just a photoshoot. Hearing my seniors say things like their session made them feel confident in their beautify for the first time or that they felt like a model out of Elle is what this experience is about. It's an experience that is all about YOU. I guide and education all my clients on how to make the most of their senior session. I highly/highly (did I say "highly" yet) encourage my seniors to get professional makeup for their session. I have resources and connections that will give you discounted services on make-up, hair and even clothes styling from some fabulous professionals.

After the senior session, we'll meet for a customized, personal ordering session in my studio. This is where we'll pick out your images and make sure that you walk away with exactly what you need in regards to prints, heirloom products and JPEG files. *JPEG files have become one of my most popular selling items, and therefore I have quite a few collections that include them. I require a minimum order of $250, but I can tell you that my average order hovers around $650-850. It really just all depends on your needs and wants. I take Paypal, credit cards and checks ~ and on occasion, I can work out a payment plan for the final print order.
If you have any questions at all or want to talk with more specificity, feel free to Contact me.