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Welcome to my site! This means you are either a parent of a senior or a senior. Either way, congratz! It’s a special time in life and should be celebrated to the fullest! I have a passion for photographing senior girls in a way that shows the confidence and inner beauty that they all have; Some girls just don't know they have it yet ~ It's my job to bring that out in them. I contributed as a writer to Senior Style Guide, which is a bi-monthly publication that helps educate and inspire senior photographers on an international basis. High school can often times be filled with mixed messages about beauty and how young women should conform themselves to what others want them to be in order to feel beautiful or confident. #wrong# True beauty is revealed in a knowing and loving of one's self that can only be attained through confidence and being aware of just how much power belongs to each of us when we learn to hold true to who we are as women. I truly feel that beauty comes from within, and a confident woman radiates her beauty from the inside out ~ That’s what my Senior Experience is all about. You are beautiful. You are unique. Be confident in who you are. "To be beautiful, means to be yourself."