Here's to Strong Women!

May we know them. May we be them.
May we raise them.

this is what I believe.

True beauty is revealed in knowing and loving of one's self that can only be attained through confidence and being aware of just how much power belongs to each of us when we learn to stand true to who we are as women, learning to be our authentic self. Beauty comes from within, and a confident woman radiates her beauty from the inside out.

That’s what my Senior Experience is all about. High school is filled with mixed messages about beauty and how young women should conform themselves to what others want them to be in order to feel confident. My goal is to provide an experience that gives seniors a moment of complete confidence, radiance and fearlessness when it comes to showing their true spirit and personality in front of the camera. I want my collections to become a reminder of how remarkable it can feel to embrace not only our outer beauty but most importantly, our inner beauty. 




These are all qualities I want you to feel during YOUR senior session. I know that by now you have a phone full of cute selfies. That’s not what I’m here to offer you. I want to give to you a personal experience like no other.  

I want to help you create a senior session that is all about you and your story ~ the beautiful, strong, ready-to-take-on-the-world YOU. Creating a portrait experience that is designed to bring out the real you, with an extra burst of confidence and radiance, is what my primary goal is.



By providing a fashion consultation, a personal questionnaire and getting to understand your vision, together we will create an incredible senior session where you will not only have a lot of fun, but the images I’ll capture will show the brilliantly radiant you, as if you just stepped out of a fashion magazine.  

Your portrait experience with Gina Petersen Photography will begin 2 hours before sunset. In this time, w will create an exciting, fun and natural senior portrait experience. We also have enough time to change locations, outfits, hair and makeup, so that you can have plenty of variety for your senior portraits.

The session fee for The Senior Experience is $175. This session fee is due upon booking. You are paying for an EXPERIENCE ~ not just a photoshoot. Hearing my seniors say things like their session made them feel confident in their beautify for the first time or that they felt like a model is what this experience is about. It's an experience that is all about YOU.

I highly encourage my seniors to get professional makeup for their session. I have resources and connections that will provide quality services on make-up, hair and even wardrobe styling from some fabulous professionals. 

After the senior session, we'll meet for a customized, personal ordering session. This is where we'll pick out your images and make sure that you walk away with exactly what you need in regards to prints, heirloom products and JPEG files. JPEG files have become one of my most popular selling items, and therefore I have quite a few collections that include them. 




We’ll choose a spot for your session that best suits your personality and vision for your collection. I have quite a few great spots where I know the golden light we’re after is incredible, but I’m always open to suggestions for something more personalized if you have a *special venue you’d like your session to take place at. Sessions are generally around 2 to 2.5 hours and include several outfit changes.  

Senior Session Fee $175 

*There is a nominal travel fee for sessions that are 25 miles outside of the 94954 zip code.


Minimum order of $400. Please inquire for full pricing information


fierce, and strong,

And one day she discovered that she was

and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.



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I loved the fact that you weren't just willing to capture the appearance outside but also the beauty inside. It wasn't about predictable poses and settings, but rather it was about bringing out the natural attitude. You made me feel comfortable in front of a camera by encouraging me to be confident about myself. Also, I loved how you included my favorite clothing and the cello to be part of the photography because it truly made this experience personal and intimate. I wouldn't have asked for a better photographer and I will forever cherish this experience.


“You made me feel comfortable in front of a camera by


me to be confident about myself”

I had such an enjoyable time getting my senior pictures taken by Gina Petersen. Before my shoot, I talked on the phone and emailed with her many times when she gave me great advice on how to choose my outfits, and get my hair and makeup done. During the shoot I felt extremely comfortable and had so much fun. It gave me so much confidence that she kept telling me that my pictures looked “beautiful.” The time we spent together went by so fast and I was having such a nice time I didn’t want it to end. After the shoot, Gina put some of the great pictures on Facebook, which I loved because I got to see a preview of my pictures and all of my friends got to see them on Facebook as well, which was so exciting! I had such a difficult time narrowing down my pictures to the ones that I would buy because they all looked so great. I would suggest that all of my friends use Gina to take their senior pictures, and after I showed them my pictures almost all of them have already set up an appointment with her! I have never felt so beautiful.


“She kept telling me that my pictures looked


 am so glad I booked Gina for my Senior portraits!! I was really nervous at first, but as soon as we started she made me feel completely comfortable. She was so easy to talk to and worked with me to make sure we got the shots I wanted. It was such a fun experience, the photos turned out exactly how I wanted them. So accommodating and thoughtful! I hope everyone gets a chance to shoot with her. Thank you Gina! :) ~ “ the photos turned out exactly how I wanted them.


“The photos turned out


how I wanted them”

I looked through portfolios of many photographers before finally settling on Gina. I was drawn to her artistic style, modern take, and amazing use of light. And throughout the entire process, I became more and more convinced I had made the right decision. Gina was there every step of the way, from choosing outfits and booking makeup and hair to the final photo selection, which took place in her cozy and beautifully decorated office. She never made me feel pressured or uncomfortable. I admit I was a bit nervous going into my shoot, as I had no past modeling experience. But Gina was the perfect blend: she was supportive and encouraging, but wasn’t afraid to take risks. As we walked down the path during our shoot, she would stop in some seemingly insignificant corner and exclaim “Here! The light is perfect!” She just knew. I came out of this experience with ten breathtaking photos, and by the end my parents were thrilled with their decision to undergo this process. I believe that when it comes down to it, the clothes and the shoes and the hair and the makeup matter, but it is a photographer like Gina that makes the difference between a pretty shot and a jaw-dropping one.


“I was drawn to her artistic style, modern take and


use of light”

Gina is a truly amazing photographer. She puts her clients first and will go the extra mile to get that perfect shot. She’ll make you feel so comfortable that you’ll forget that you are posing for a camera. She’s flexible and full of amazing ideas. There is no better option for your senior pictures.


“Gina is a truly



Senior year is very exciting. The graduating class goes to prom, applies for college and finally graduates in June. There are a lot of important decisions to make. One important decision that we make is who we end up choosing to hire for our senior pictures. There is no doubt in my mind that Gina Petersen is the best photographer in town. She makes it fun and not awkward. Most importantly, the pictures always turn out fantastic. If anyone is having second thoughts on about who they should use for their senior pictures, go straight to Gina Petersen. You won’t be disappointed.


“There is no doubt in my mind that Gina Petersen is


photographer in town”

My experience with Gina was so enjoyable.  Before the session, she took the 
time to get  to know me personality  and my style, making it so it felt like the session was tailored specifically to me.  As a naturally  photo-shy person, I walked  into the session nervous.  Right away, however, I felt  comfortable.  Gina is absolutely wonderful and truly made me feel great. She  continuously gave me confidence boosts and made me  laugh, all the while taking beautiful photos. It wasn’t just about taking pictures. The entire experience as a whole made it well worth the time. My family loved them, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Thank you so much, Gina.


“It felt like the session was


specifically to me”

The only thing I can say is Gina is worth every penny, period. Hannah and I were thrilled with the images that Gina was able to capture through her lens. We will cherish them forever. 


“Gina is worth



Gina makes sure you are comfortable and that you get that  one special day to feel as gorgeous as ever.  She really takes a lot of time with her clients because she  wants each person to be unique to  her and doesn't want it all to just feel like a routine she does every week. I was more than happy with bow my  pictures turned out, and I wish I could do it all over again  because Gina is amazing!!!  


"I wish I could do it all over again because Gina is


Gina Petersen is awesome and a true inspiration. She has such an artist eye when it comes to knowing how and when to capture the beauty of her subject. She has a keen sense of style and finesse. She also has a way of making you feel comfortable and free! That is how she captures such beautiful shots, that ah-ha photo! Both her passion and her work really showcase how much she loves what she does. She is a warm and friendly person a true delight! I also would like to add, if you should need help with anything from a stylist to hair or make-up artist? Gina has you covered, her resources are very accommodating. As a working mom I found this to be most helpful. The whole experience was great! I would definitely recommend Gina Peterson Photography to anyone who would like current photos taken for an occasion or just because. She is an amazing talent and a true professional!


"She has such an


Gina is an amazing photographer. Not only does she take incredible pictures, but she also makes you feel comfortable and confident while doing so. Her bubbly personality and excitement radiates as she photographs; you can tell she really enjoys what she does. I had an amazing experience with Gina and would recommend her to anyone in need of a photographer- she definitely won't let you down! You will be amazed at the stunning shots she captures and will show you how truly beautiful you are in your own skin. :)


"Her bubbly personality and excitement


as she photographs

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